Directly using the Pointer class is not advised. For all typical UI controls you should iuse the Gestures system. The gesture system is better able to deal with conflict between gestures.


A capture indicates some listener is interested in receiving events for a pointer event even if they no longer hit the target visual. Any capture blocks events from being sent outside of the tree starting at the provided visual.

An identity is used to identify the capture listener. Each identity has only one capture. This may be at different levels, or involve single or multiple pointer indexes. Multiple captures with the same identity can not be created -- it always modifies the existing one.

Only one CaptureType.Hard can exist for a PointIndex at one time. This will also cancel all soft captures that also accept that point (even if it isn't the only point they accept). An exception is those with NodeShare.


Fuse.Nodes 2.9.1
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Interface of Pointer

ExtendCapture(object, int) : bool uno

Adds more points to an existing capture. All the points will be captured in the same fashion as the original capture (such as Hard or Soft).