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Gesture uno

The binding between an IGesture and the Gestures manager. A Gesture represents the ability of a handler to detect, and use, pointer input within a node.

Gestures uno

This is currently a transition mechanism as we move pointer handling from direct handlers to a structured gesture system. This will be the preferred mechanism for handling nearly all pointer input.

Pointer uno

Directly using the Pointer class is not advised. For all typical UI controls you should iuse the Gestures system. The gesture system is better able to deal with conflict between gestures.



CaptureType uno

Multiple captures can be performed on a single point index. The type indicates the type of interest the capture has on the pointer events.

GesturePriority uno

Priority helps determine which gesture to select if multiple gestures can be captured by the same pointer input. This applies when two or more gestures are both matching the current user input (such as a Swipe, ScrollView, and Slider all handling a swipe to the right). The item with the highest priority will be used.

GestureRequest uno

An IGesture indicates how it handles a request by returning one of these values.


IGesture uno

Feedback to the gesture about pointer events as well as priority feedback to the gesture handler.