Fuse SDK

Fuse SDK is a set of open-source tools and libraries for cross-platform mobile app development.

Build user interfaces using the easy to learn UX markup language, and add JavaScript or TypeScript for business logic. UX markup is a declarative, XML based language for expressing user interfaces, layout, effects and motion, where animation is a first class citizen, and where you can easily produce advanced visuals and user interfaces.

Access lower level features via the very powerful Uno programming language. This is a modern, C#-like language where you can seamlessly access any native API in Java, Objective-C and C/C++, implement new Fuse components, or just write some superfast code. Uno is optimized for performance and portability, compiles down to native C++, and is one of the fastest and most versatile programming languages around. The UI-engine and most run-time features in Fuse are implemented in Uno.

For rapid development, you can even build and test apps directly on your development machine. Fuse apps run on Linux, Mac and Windows, in addition to Android and iOS.

There's also a visual tool suite called Fuse X, based on Fuse SDK, offering powerful app creation tools, realtime preview (hot reload) and more, available for macOS and Windows.


npm install fuse-sdk

This will install Fuse SDK, including uno and a set of libraries used to build Fuse apps.


Please refer to the following links for information about using Fuse SDK.