Transform animators animate the translation, rotation or scaling of a visual.

Transform animators do not affect the layout of an Element, instead it animates relative to the result of layout. This means transform animators are very fast and are appropriate for real-time transitions.

Available transform animators


Fuse.Animations 2.9.1
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Interface of TransformAnimator<TransformType>

Priority : int ux

When multiple transforms are applied they are applied in a priority order. This setting allows you to override the default priority to get a new order.

Target : Visual ux

The visual that should be animated. If not set, the containing visual is animated by default.

X : float ux

The animation amount on the X-axis.

Y : float ux

The animation amount on the Y-axis.

Z : float ux

The animation amount on the Z-axis.

Inherited from TrackAnimator

DelayBack : double ux

How long to wait, from the end of the backward timeline, before the animator starts changing the value.

DurationBack : double ux

For a continuous track: The duraciton of the change of the value in the backward timeline.

Easing : Easing ux

For a continuous track: This specifies the transition easing between a source and target value.

EasingBack : Easing ux

For a continuous track: This specified the easing for the backward timeline.

Weight : double ux

Allows the value set by this animator to be increased or decreased in significance (the default is 1).

Inherited from Animator

Delay : double ux

Seconds from the start of the trigger until this animator should play.

MixOp : MixOp ux

How to mix this animator when there are multiple conflicting animators affecting the target.

Inherited from PropertyObject

Inherited from object