Continuously rotates an element, given a Frequency measured in full rotations per second.

        <Spin Frequency="2" />

As with Cycle, you may also specify a Duration to control the length of the animation.


Fuse.Animations 2.9.1
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Interface of Spin

Frequency : double ux

The frequency of the spinnging, measured in Hertz (how many full rotations per second).

Target : Visual ux

Specifies an alternate target for the spin (the default is the parent of the trigger).

Inherited from OpenAnimator

Inherited from Animator

Delay : double ux

Seconds from the start of the trigger until this animator should play.

MixOp : MixOp ux

How to mix this animator when there are multiple conflicting animators affecting the target.

Inherited from PropertyObject

Inherited from object

Attached UX Attributes

GlobalKey (attached by Resource) : string ux

The ux:Global attribute creates a global resource that is accessible everywhere in UX markup.