An Animator that changes the size of an Element.

This is typically used as part of a LayoutAnimation.

The size is considered a temporary size for the element, not it's true intended size. When the animator is disabled the natural size will be restored.


        <Resize RelativeTo="SizeChange" Duration="1" Vector="1"/>
        <Move RelativeTo="PositionChange" Duration="1" Vector="1"/>


Fuse.Animations 2.9.1
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Interface of Resize

RelativeTo : IResizeMode ux

Specifies how the size for Resize is calculated. This is the size that will be applied when at Progress=1.

Target : Visual ux

An alternate target for the resize, instead of the default: the parent of the animator

Vector : float2 ux

Specifies the factor of the size to apply to each dimension.

Inherited from TrackAnimator

DelayBack : double ux

How long to wait, from the end of the backward timeline, before the animator starts changing the value.

DurationBack : double ux

For a continuous track: The duraciton of the change of the value in the backward timeline.

Easing : Easing ux

For a continuous track: This specifies the transition easing between a source and target value.

EasingBack : Easing ux

For a continuous track: This specified the easing for the backward timeline.

Weight : double ux

Allows the value set by this animator to be increased or decreased in significance (the default is 1).

Inherited from Animator

Delay : double ux

Seconds from the start of the trigger until this animator should play.

MixOp : MixOp ux

How to mix this animator when there are multiple conflicting animators affecting the target.

Inherited from PropertyObject

Inherited from object

Attached UX Attributes

GlobalKey (attached by Resource) : string ux

The ux:Global attribute creates a global resource that is accessible everywhere in UX markup.