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UX Classes

Android ux

Triggers if run on an Android device

Busy ux

Marks a UX node as busy.

Completed ux

Pulses when the busy status of a node is cleared.

iOS ux

Triggers if run on an iOS device

PullToReload ux

Helps you create a "pull to reload" interaction with a ScrollView.

RangeAnimation ux

Animates using a value clamped between a minimum and a maximum as progress.

Scrolled ux

Triggers when the ScrollView is scrolled to within a specified region.

StateGroup ux

StateGroup manages a set of State triggers, making sure only a single State is active at once. A State is a regular Trigger that is controlled by a StateGroup. Animators inside a State define what should change while that state is active.

Transition ux

Controls the animations for page-to-page transitions in a Navigator.

WhileBusy ux

A trigger that is active whenever a sibling or parent is marked as busy.

WhileDisabled ux

Active while the IsEnabled property of its containing element is False.

WhileEnabled ux

Active while the IsEnabled property of its containing element is True.

WhileFalse ux

A trigger that is active while its Value property is false.

WhileFloat ux

Active when the float Value fulfills some criteria.

WhileKeyboardVisible ux

Active when on-screen controls are visible, such as the keyboard. This excludes the fixed controls, such as navigation and home button, on some devices.

WhileLoading ux

Active while a resource in the surrounding context is loading.

WhileString ux

Activate when the condition on the string value is true

WhileTrue ux

A trigger that is active while its Value property is true.

WhileVisibleInScrollView ux

Active while an element is positioned within the visible area of the ScrollView.

        <Each Items="{images}">
            <DockPanel Height="100">
                <Image Url="{source}" MemoryPolicy="UnloadUnused" Dock="Left"
                    Visibility="Hidden" ux:Name="theImage"/>
                <Text Value="{description}" TextWrapping="Wrap"/> <a href="../fuse/triggers/whilevisibleinscrollview.html" class="table-of-contents-item-has-more" title="There is more information available for this entry"><i class="fa fa-ellipsis-h"></i></a>
WhileWindowSize ux

Active while the size of the app's viewport fulfills some given constraints.


PulseTrigger<ArgsT> uno

A common base for pulse-like triggers (thus that pulse when an event is triggered).

Trigger uno

Triggers are the main tools for interaction response, transitions and animation in Fuse.



TransitionDirection uno

Limits the Transition to match in a particular direction, relative to the page, of navigation.