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UX Classes

LongPressed ux

Triggers when a pointer is held down for a period of time.

PointerCapture ux

Locks pointer input to a sub-tress in the UX for a limited time.

Pressed ux

Triggers when a pointer is pressed on a visual. As opposed to Clicked or Tapped, this trigger triggers immediately when a pointer is pressed on the visual. It does not wait for a pointer release or minimum amount of press time.

Swiped ux

Pulse trigger that activates when a swipe has occurred.

SwipeGesture ux

Recognizes a swipe (the movement of a pointer in a given direction).

SwipingAnimation ux

A trigger that maps the progress of a SwipeGesture to a series of animations.

WhileHovering ux

Active while a pointer is within the bounds of its containing element.

WhilePressed ux

Active while at least one pointer is pressed on a visual.


Scroller uno

Implements the default scrolling functionality.

TransformGesture uno

A TransformGesture interprets pointer gestures and modifies an InteractiveTransform in response.