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This entity is experimental and might be changed or removed in a future release.

The Surface is a path-based drawing API. A call to CreatePath is used to create a path, then one of StrokePath or FillPath is used to draw it.

This allows the users of Canvas to optimize for animation of either the path or the stroke/fill objects independently.

This also keeps the API minimal. There are no convenience functions in this class. Those are provided via higher-level classes, such as LineSegments or SurfaceUtil.


Fuse.Drawing.Surface 2.9.1
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Interface of Surface

Dispose uno

Frees up all resources associated with this surface. All paths and prepared objects are invalid after a call to this method. However, whethere they are actually freed now, or when Unprepare or DisposePath is called is undefined. This means it must always be safe to call those two fucntions, even on an disposed Surface.

End uno

Ends drawing. All drawing called after Begin and to now must be completed by now. This copies the resulting image to the desired output setup in Begin.

Prepare(Brush) uno

Prepares this brush for drawing. If this is called a second time with the same Brush it indicates the properties of that brush have changed.

Unprepare(Brush) uno

Indicates the brush will no longer be used for drawing. It's resources can be freed.

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