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UX Classes

Arc ux

Displays an arc.

BottomBarBackground ux

Compensates for space taken up by the keyboard and other OS-specific elements at the bottom of the screen.

ClientPanel ux

ClientPanel compensates for space taken up by the on-screen keyboard, status bar, and other OS-specific elements at the top and bottom edges of the screen.

Container ux

A panel that places children in a dedicated Subtree visual, allowing you to create custom container.

Curve ux

Draws a curve connecting several points, specified as CurvePoint.

DockPanel ux

Lays out its children by docking them to the different sides, one after the other.

EdgeNavigator ux

A navigation control for panels that slide in from the sides of the display.

GraphicsView ux

A native view that hosts graphics-rendered UI controls.

Grid ux

Lays out children in a grid formation.


<HTML/> is a semantic utility node used to feed a WebView component or a LoadHtml action with raw HTML:

NativeViewHost ux

Creates a layer of native Controls on top of a GraphicsView. Controls in its subtree will be mapped to the native controls provided by the OS.

General-purpose navigation container with on-demand instantiation and recycling of pages.

Number ux

Deprecated, for backwards compatibility

Page ux

Represents a page that participates in navigation.

PageControl ux

Provides standard transitions, user interaction, and page handling for a basic linear navigation.

PageIndicator ux

Builds indicator icons for each page of a PageControl based on a specified template, and displays them next to each other. To use it, you have to provide a template named Dot, as well as providing a PageControl to listen to through the Navigation property.

PageView ux

A Navigator without standard transitions. This is convenient when you want to provide custom transitions for all pages.

Panel ux

Performs the default layout on the children, where all children get all available space.

SafeEdgePanel ux

SafeEdgePanel compensates for space taken up by the on-screen keyboard, status bar, and other OS-specific elements on the edges of the screen. It should be used for any panel that touches any edge of the screen.

ScrollView ux

Used to navigate contents that are larger than the available size.

ScrollViewBase ux

A ScrollView is a control that allows scrolling over the content. It only accepts a single child, from which the size of the scrollable area is calculated. That child can be a single element or a UX tree of controls.

ScrollViewPager ux

Paging and loading manager for a list of items. Allows a large, or infinite list, to be displayed in a ScrollView.

ScrollViewSnap ux

Add scroll snapping behavior to the ScrollView. Scroll snapping allows you to lock the viewport to certain location after a user has finished scrolling.

Shadow ux

Draws a shadow behind an element.

StackPanel ux

Stacks children vertically (default) or horizontally.

Text ux

Displays a block of text.

Viewbox ux

Forces the content (by scaling) to fit inside the available space.

    <Rectangle Color="#808" Width="200" Height="100" />

This will maintain its aspect ratio of 2:1 while stretching the Rectangle to be the size of the Viewbox.

WebView ux

Displays web content natively on android and iOS.

WrapPanel ux

Lays out children one after the other in a given orientation and wraps around whenever it reaches the end.


CameraViewBase uno

This package provides a cross-platform abstraction over the native camera APIs on Android and iOS. In order to use this package you must add a reference to Fuse.Controls.CameraView in your unoproj.

Control uno

Controls display a native control or graphics-based control based on context.

A standard page navigation system. This provides standard transitions, user interaction and appropriate page handling for a basic linear navigation.

Shape uno

Displays a shape with fills and strokes

TextControl uno

Exposes the common interface for text controls.



FitMode uno

Determines how the bounds of a path are calculated for fitting into an element.

RemoveType uno

Specifies how pages are removed from navigation (the child is actually removed from the UI tree).

ReuseType uno

In order of most restrictve (except Default) to least restrictive (which imply the less restrictve ones as well).

ScrollDirections uno

Specifies which scroll directions are allowed, or considered, in a control or gesture.

SnapAlign uno

How the lock position of ScrollView viewport are treated.